Originally conceived as a graphic design studio, Redhead has transformed into a multi-disciplinary studio that employs design thinking in every aspect of our service.

We took a not-so-surprising route, starting with a couple hundred bucks and a Mac in the spare bedroom. In 2004, we moved to our first commercial location—a small, boarded up building on Old Town’s east side. Elbow grease and thousands in renovation costs aside, an employee’s dad once stopped in to make sure it was a legit workplace. We were that much of a “work in progress.”

Redhead (and Old Town!) has come along since the days of the fixer-upper. As more clients came to us for help with larger marketing quandaries, we found that the problem solving inherent in the design process resulted in an effective formula for a broad range of communications solutions. We carefully planned our staff growth to build the strategic team we have today.

We eventually outgrew our wee little spot on the east side of the 'hood. It’s in much better hands now. In 2013, we moved (drumroll, please) down the street and around the corner. We’re so close to our old location, it was easy enough to simply walk our belongings down the street.

Today, our most valuable commodities are ingenuity and an exceptionally high level of curiosity.

Well, that and snacks. We lay out a mean cocktail hour, should you ever drop by for a visit.